Our facial treatments including cleansing and treatment of impure skin, peeling, eyebrow plucking, ampoule with high-quality active ingredients, mask, a facial and décolleté massage and a light day make-up.

Classic treatment
from 69,- €
Optimal for every skin type, professionally and individually provided with everything it needs for a healthy skin and a fresh complexion. Because we have found out: genes do not determine everything! The EpigenTech PowerPeptide used in all new products ensures that skin cells remain youthful and active for longer - and strong cells make the skin more beautiful!
from 110,- €
Optimal for skin aging processes counteract. Specially designed to meet the specific needs of the skin, Anti-Aging Facial Care supports the skin in its natural regeneration processes and supplies it with active ingredients. In addition, anti-aging care should strengthen the skin and protect it perfectly from environmentally induced damage. Anti-aging creams thus give the complexion a youthfully fresher, smoother appearance.
Medical cosmetics
from 79,- €
Optimal for the professional skin care series DOCTOR BABOR is precision cosmetics "Made in Germany". With high-performance formulations made from selected active ingredients, DOCTOR BABOR sets standards in the field of cosmeceuticals. He developed the first skin care products specially tailored to individual needs, the "skin experts for the home" so to speak. DOCTOR BABOR is a tribute to Dr. Michael Babor and sets the highest standards - in keeping with the DOCTOR BABOR motto: more effective - more precise - innovative.